Setting up a Piano Lab

How to Set Up a Digital Piano Lab for Your School

Digital Piano LabLet's discuss the main components of a keyboard lab. You will need to choose the keyboard that will work best for your students. If the budget allows, an 88 weighted key digital piano is preferred due to the "piano like" touch and sound. If space [or budget] is an issue then the smaller keyboards will still work great and are available in either 61 or 76 keys. Next is the base station known as an LC4. The LC4 Base comes with everything needed to connect the keyboards for 8 students and 1 teacher (9 total stations). This includes all the headsets, cables, I/O boxes, Hub and Control Unit to get the lab up and running fast. This is the nerve center where the teacher controls which keyboards are playing. Using a system of headsets with attached mics, it's as if each student is isolated in their own virtual practice room, ideal for private practice or one-on-one instruction with a teacher. But with the touch of a button on the LC4 the practice room walls are instantly removed for group study, teacher-only broadcasts, or "all-together-now" ensemble performances. Teachers even have a powerful MUTE button which will disable the students' instruments when it's time to pay attention.

Yamaha digital pianoIf you need to set up more than 8 student stations, then all you need is the additional keyboards and an LC4 Expansion. Each expansion comes with everything needed to add 8 more students to the LC4 Base. You will need one expansion for each group of 8 students that you want to add to the Base. (up to a maximum of 48 students). The expansion includes all of the necessary cables as well as additional headsets to easily expand your piano lab. You can add this Expansion from the start or add additional expansions as the class size grows over the years.

The other 2 main items you will need depending on the design of your classroom are keyboard stands and benches. Depending on your budget, anything from basic stands and benches up to deluxe versions are available.

We offer many of our most popular packages as ready to go bundles but if you don't see a perfect fit for your classroom, we also specialize in putting together complete lab packages specifically with your needs in mind.

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