Remo Percussion Packages

Even before we are born, we become accustomed to the rhythm of our mother's breathing and heartbeat. So it's not surprising that music and rhythm are a natural and important part of children's growth and development.

Rhythm teaches younger students skills like hand-eye coordination. In older students, drumming can help establish social connections and teach valuable life skills such as teamwork and leadership. And facilitated drum circle events have proven effective in helping those with emotional & behavioral challenges as well as reducing stress and anxiety.

Whatever your music education goals, MusiciansBuy is proud to offer educational percussion kits to help you develop your music education program.

Kids Make Music

Remo Kids Make Music


The Kids Make Music Kit provides the ideal supplies to ignite a love of music in the life of a young child. Ages 2 – 5. Featuring a Tambourine, Rhythm Sticks, Maraca, Jingle Bells, and Triangle, Kids Make Music Instruments are developed in conjunction with Lynn Kleiner, internationally renowned clinician and early childhood music education expert.

Remo Drum Circle Bundles

The Drum Circle Pack features drumming collections for small, medium and large group drumming activities. Comprised of Bahia Bass Drums, Djembe's, Tubanos, Tambourines, Bells, Claves and an assortment of Shakers, the Drum Circle Pack collections are ideal for Recreational Drum Circle enthusiasts seeking the ideal amount of instruments to accommodate any size Drum Circle. Available in 16, 24 and 40-piece drumming collections.

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